Elegant suits for Winter

Elegant suits for Winter

Passing by a Hackett shop where the welcome is always nice, I had the opportunity to open a notebook with some sketches of the Autumn-Winter collection.
The agreement of materials and colors is refined, and I wanted to share with you an excerpt.
I let you enjoy the myriad of details (shirts falling perfectly and above a little under the sleeves of costumes, bags, etc ..), all perfect.
The overall style incorporates the classic lines of the costumes of the 60s, while ensuring a clear but discreet modernism with perfectly fitted cuts.

Collection Hiver hackett 2010

Description of different silhouettes:

Figure 1, the most on the left

Double Breasted suit 6 buttons with collar spikes.
All in a flannel wool and cashmere.
The warm material will be gently reminded by a flannel bowtie.

Figure 2, centered at the top

Suit 2 buttons with tailored collar.
Navy blue fabric in wool and cashmere.
Feet, shoes in calf-velvet chocolate color.

Figure 3, bottom right

3 piece suit of with tailored collar and double breated vest.
All in a blue wool fabric with navy gray stripes (chalk) and a silk tie.
On the head a bowler hat, for a dandy English style!

Collection Hiver hackett 2010

Figure 4, top left

Trench Coat waterproof in oiled cotton with horn buttons and leather bindings.
Married with pants pearl gray flannel, a white shirt under a sweater merino wool and cashmere V-neck

Figure 5, the center

Suit 2 buttons, three pieces with peak lapels, and a simple vest.
All in a wool and cashmere flannel with a Prince of Wales pattern.
Blue shirt with white cuffs, and Prince of Wales tie that perfectly recalls the suit.

To conclude here are three different 3 pieces-suits in gray flannels.
We can notice that the vest, as it should be, do not let appear the shirt, and that her last button is still unbuttoned.

Let’s be Chic, Let’s be elegant, Let’s think about details…even in winter!

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