a Shirt, What is the correct shirt sleeve length ?

a Shirt, What is the correct shirt sleeve length ?

… Even for those who are not used to wear a suit, l’Homme-Chic is going to help you choosing your shirt.

 In this post let’s learn how long shirt sleeves should be. 

 Summer or not, if you are attending a wedding, an interview, or just meeting a client,
There is always an opportunity to try looking good!
And wearing a short-sleeved shirt is forbidden !
So even if you are allergic to people wearing suits, Let’s honour the married, the interviewer, or the clients by wearing a long sleeved shirt.

 First we should Choose a 100% cotton shirt.
The natural material will regulate the sweat.
(For weddings, if the weather is too warm: the tip is to bring one or two spare shirts). 

 So let’s come to the point:
The long-sleeved shirt has to cover the entire wrist: Especially the predominant bone on the side of the little finger: the pisiform bone.

In the pictures you will see a sample of shirt with correct sleeve length and where the cuff covers well the wirst.

Note: a sleeve can be too short, but a sleeve can “never” be too long, as it is the circumference of the cuff that will determine where the shirt “stop” on your wirst/hand:
If the shirt cuff is large (or your wirst very thin), the shirt will cover a larger part of your hand…
this would turn in a “too long” effect that we really want to avoid.

My Advice is to try to move a bit the arm (Of course you are not at the Gym, but try to make simple mouvements, like looking at your phone, or giving a phone call) and monitor the behaviour of your sleeves.

If you have particularly long arms, several brands are selling shirts with different sleeves lengths: ( Alain Figaret , Van Laack, TM Lewin …)
Do not hesitate to ask your shirt maker about it, or to discuss this point with your tailor!

Let’s be Chic, let’s be Elegant, Let’s have shirts sleeves with the correct length!


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