TOP Distasteful Mistakes … to avoid ! part 3 = The white socks

TOP Distasteful Mistakes … to avoid ! part 3 = The white socks

No to the white socks!

Yes, even if you are the biggest fan of the King of Pop … you’re not Michael Jackson.
And as you do not touch your intimate parts nor go to work performing a moonwalk, you shall not wear white socks with a suit! … Not even with jeans.

The socks called “white”, are often made to … (unbearable suspense) … practice tennis!

ONLY to Practice Tennis or any kind of sport where you will have to wear sport shoes…
So only if you wear sport shorts (or sport pants) and sports shoes, can you say Yes to sports socks 🙂

Ok, but what socks can we wear then?

while wearing shorts and “light summer sneakers”?

.. The answer is simple: ultra low socks (the kind that does not cover the ankle) … or go barefoot if the shoes are made of fabric, and the ventilation is sufficient to avoid too much perspiration.

while wearing Bermuda shorts and moccasins?

… The best thing is to stay barefoot .. but if you want to try the style of the Italian dandy you can try beautiful red socks ! with pastel blue pants.

When wearing jeans and dress shoes?

Just wear dress socks (in cotton lisle for optimum comfort).
Choose them of the same color as the shoes.

when wearing a suit, dress pants or chinos?

Dress socks as above
Generally, you have to wear socks that are the same color than your pants … and if this is not possible, always choose them darker than the pant (and lighter than the shoes).
The aim is to extend the length of your legs.
This is also why, Dior has created, for the ladies, the first two-tone shoes, black and white … to lengthen the silhouette of the leg, and shorten the feet.

A funny but elegant way to wear socks is to match their color with your shirt!
a more daring dandy style, which surely give some allure .
You can also have socks that matches your tie, your handkerchief, or your “boutonnière” (ie: Blue suit, red socks, and red tie).
Or if you feel very comfortable, just nice pink, or electric blue socks 🙂

However, be careful to not fall in the overdose of colours… one touch of fun at a time 🙂

What length for our socks?

The minimum length required to never show the skin of our legs (and most of the time the disgusting hairs that are fighting on it)
Have you ever been in meeting, or an important demo, and here is you colleague (or worst, your boss), who cross his legs starting to speak, and display to the audience a magnificently hairy leg… at this moment you have to be very strong to not vomit in your mouth 🙂

So, For men who never cross their legs, socks that stop 10-15 cm above the ankle should be sufficient…assuming the “elastic” of the socks is strong enough to keep them in a high position all day long.
But for men who cross them (their legs) Long socks that stop below the knee are Highly recommended.

Now, you not only know how to avoid distasteful mistake, but you can counter them with elegance.

Let’s be chic, let’s be elegant, let’s not dance the moonwalk in white socks!

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