TOP Taste Mistakes … to avoid ! part 4 = The Crocs and other weird shoes

TOP Taste Mistakes … to avoid ! part 4 = The Crocs and other weird shoes

The most important thing about clothing is to feel comfortable, and eventually, to feel good with what you are wearing.
However, each society has its own codes and to not respect them might be considered rude.
In some tribes, a colourful makeup can be used to seduce, and a piece of bone in the lower lip can express a strong virility…

In Occidental codes, at work, a suit is often considered as an uniform…
A Modern uniform : a working tool.
Understand and know this dress code is important:
first to not be considered by our colleagues as someone who does not know,
then to express respect to our colleagues, providers and clients.

So now, let’s talk about the shoes we will try to avoid, especially with a suit 🙂

  • Germanic style sandals with socks
  • the Crocs
  • Runnings shoes,
  • Security shoes “security”,

Actually no comment should be needed for these three points … but I can not resist the temptation to expand a little and illustrate with some photos gleaned here and there …

1. Sandals with socks

The classical one …

The black socks version … less bad, but still really bad

The sport sandals version…

At this moment if you already want to cry, or if you can’t stop laughing, it is normal, but hang on.

2. the Crocs

The distasteful mistake can touch us all … from Al Pacino to some French government ministers.
For some, the ultimate “I don’t care what you think of me” style,
for others a way of attracting attention…

according to Al … wearing Crocs is ok to recover after a wild night…
(even if Mr Pacino is your idol, do not go to an interview wearing Crocs)

according to Roseline … it is great to seduce sportive mens

or maybe it is not!

3. Runnings with jeans or a suit

This is already ugly with jeans… no need to talk about the effect of wearing this with a suit!
a Gigantic “No” !

4. Security style shoes with a suit

Caterpillar shoes were originally created to work on construction sites.
Mephistos brand was initially an orthopedics shoes brand.
So please, avoid any shoes with a “security” style, this will make your feet looks big… and bring down any effort of elegance.

Remember, a suit should give us more presence and charisma, Withelegance and   fluidity. This fluidity is only  possible with proper shoes.
However, you can wear this kind of shoes with a pair of jeans… even if we are here in the “street” wear… very far from the concept of elegance

After all this mistakes, a couple of “elegant” way of wearing shoes, with jean or suit

Let’s be chic, let’s be elegant, let’s avoid this kind of mistakes!

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