Under my Umbrella

Under my Umbrella

Finally, an article on the umbrellas!
Of course, in few months Weather will improve with longer days … but for now, better be careful before going out, and taking our chic and personnal protection : our Umbrella.

Umbrellas, definition and anecdotes

For the record, the umbrella which is a portable and folding device to protect us from the rain, was originally a sunshade umbrella decorated in the inside.
In ancient Egypt, it was held by a servant above the pharaoh, and used to symbolise the sky.

The transformation of the sunshade umbrella came relatively late, through a hazardous miniaturisation …
Indeed, the system that used to allow the sliding of the stretcher to deploy the canvas was heavy and cumbersome ( At that time the stretcher was made in Whale bone)…
So cumbersome that it was common to break fragile items when it was opened inside a house!
Since then, We all know the legend that says : “opening an umbrella inside a house brings bad luck”.

Choose umbrella

Now we have learned basic stories that will help us (during our next boring dinner) to answer the so empty sentence “The weather is quite bad lately” ,Let’s have a look to gentlemen’s umbrellas!
For more anecdotes, read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbrella

The selection criteria:

collapsible umbrella or straight and fixed umbrella?
Folding umbrellas are easier to handle and store, but less durable, and less elegant.
L’Homme-chic always go for a straight one.

The size of the umbrella
If you often walk with your partner, side by side, in a romantic mist or under the rain, you will need a large umbrella!
The downside, you will often have to avoid people that you face on the pavement…and it is heavier.

The quality criteria:

Parts of an Umbrella
  • A beautiful real wood handle.
  • Strong Stretcher (This will distinguish easily two umbrellas in strong wind)
  • A fairly thick and waterproof fabric
  • French craftsmanship (English makers are also experts)

The Umbrellas of L’Homme-Chic


Very good craftsmanship, Aurillac umbrella is a serious ally to cross the rain in style.

The Real Cherbourg (Le Véritable Cherbourg)

In a word: Excellence.
The choice of L’ Homme-Chic went on a “Pébroque” (limited number of large high-end model, tone on tone embroidery, darling leather, carbon whale, chestnut and gunmetal finishes soon … photos on the blog).

Non-specialised brands that also produce beautiful umbrellas

  • Longchamp
  • Hackett
  • Old England

Let’s be Chic, let’s be Elegant, let’s sing “covered” in the rain.

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