What coat when it is Wintery ? a Peacoat definitively

What coat when it is Wintery ? a Peacoat definitively

Coats considered as the most exclusive are the coats long coats ….
“Chesterfield”, “Crombie Coat”, “British Warm,” “Cover coat” or Ulster the choice is wide, and a Chesterfield on top of a nice suit always rend the nicest look.

But a long coat can often seem too formal.
Take the Noice CoverCoat of this article from geek to chic : perfect on a suit … But if you go out with friends or on weekend brunch, overdressed you may have to bear ministers nicknames… And any honest man will be careful not to be compared to a political man.
I do not speak about the black long coat effect (below knees) on a black Jean … … with boots … or how to look like highlander or hard rocker who forgot he has grown up.

So if your budget or space in your wardrobe should limit you, what would coat would be versatile enough to be chic on any occasion?
Or, Put differently, what clothing is warm enough to spend the winter with enough history to feel man and protected, while allowing to be worn as elegantly on a suit as on jeans?

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, you have four hours … And the one who answers “pad jacket” will eat goose feathers the rest of the year!

More seriously, there is nothing to hold forth on the subject, the answer is unique: This is the PeaCoat (“Caban” for our French speaking friends).

Caban History

The peacoat, before the being the Corto Maltese’s coat, has a history of over a century ….
To Sum-up: Appeared around 1850 in Holland or England, the PeaCoat was the Navy’s flagship coat: Quite short, it was allowing sailors to climb the masts, while protecting them from the wind (especially their necks).
Taken by London tailors for a more elegant city use since the 1890s, PeaCoat has always remained afloat, since it was the cloak of the United States Navy (Navy) during the Second World War.
… to put it simply: the peacoat is Corto Maltese’s coat.

Caban Features

What are the characteristics of a Peacoat?
– A navy blue wool blanket (100% wool, 80% wool 20% synthetic)
– A double-breasted coat (double breasted) with 2 rows of 3 or 4 buttons, plus 2 buttons at the neck.
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– Two wide setback with a slot at the end to be able to pass a button (see below tips)

– Large buttons (black or gold plastic) usually marked with an anchor.

– Quite short

– 4 pockets, two vertical without Rabat at fixed ribs level

– The inside of the pockets is typically lined with beige velvet.

– A trick to be able to protect the upper torso and neck part: Both lapel fold one over the other: The tip of each flap is buttoned on the opposite setbacks.

– Another tip fully protect the neck: A string (or piece of fabric) is buttoned at each side of the neck: This will allow to wear a scarf while the coat is fully buttoned.

A Modern Cut?

How does looks like a PeaCoat with a MOdern Cut?
All the same but much Slimer (close to the body) and slightly shorter.
With more varied colors : gray, black, red … if you are unsure, choose the classic navy blue.
Some examples here:

Where to buy a peacoat?

The pea coat is a classic menswear, it is easily found everywhere.
Depending on your preferences, you can try a Vintage peacoat (but that will be more difficult to wear a smart suit) or

French brand

Made in France (specialized in marine clothing) : St James, Armor Lux, at Bord Bord, Dumont d’Urville, etc …

English brand


Italian brand

Zegna …

American brand

Brooks Brother Ralph Lauren …
Personally, a friend had brought me the US mine (a Ralph Lauren Polo range: Thank Nine): It is always a pleasure to wear it.

For fans, you can also try :

James Bond’s PeaCoat

( Billy Reid )

What size to choose?

Try to choose a coat which cut is slim in order show your Big shoulders.
As you can wear under your peacoat: a body t-shirt under a shirt under a sweater under a scarf, and you’re not too cramped, the size is appropriate!
Warning: A too straight cut might give the unattractive “rectangle” effect.

Only disadvantage of the PeaCoat, like most wool coats, thick, it takes up space when it’s too hot … Indoor wrapped around an arm, you won’t forget it.
But Outdoor, worn on a suit, on a Chino or jeans, a peaCoat will always akes you look chic.

Let’s be chic, let’s be elegant, this winter let’s wear a PeaCoat!

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