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  • Under my Umbrella

    Under my Umbrella

    Finally, an article on the umbrellas! Of course, in few months Weather will improve with longer days … but for now, better be careful before going out, and taking our chic and personnal protection : our Umbrella. Umbrellas, definition and anecdotes For the record, the umbrella which is a portable and folding device to protect […]

  • What coat when it is Wintery ? a Peacoat definitively

    What coat when it is Wintery ? a Peacoat definitively

    Coats considered as the most exclusive are the coats long coats …. “Chesterfield”, “Crombie Coat”, “British Warm,” “Cover coat” or Ulster the choice is wide, and a Chesterfield on top of a nice suit always rend the nicest look. But a long coat can often seem too formal. Take the Noice CoverCoat of this article […]

  • Elegant suits for Winter

    Elegant suits for Winter

    Passing by a Hackett shop where the welcome is always nice, I had the opportunity to open a notebook with some sketches of the Autumn-Winter collection. The agreement of materials and colors is refined, and I wanted to share with you an excerpt. I let you enjoy the myriad of details (shirts falling perfectly and […]